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Nantong Hangli Heavy Machinery CO., Ltd.

  Service tenet:
  The company will sincerely provide you with excellent cost-effective, wholeheartedly to do pre-sale, sale, after-sales service in all kinds of work, ensure that you have to buy and use at ease!

No customer satisfaction, no our value. And a not the value of the enterprise, it is impossible to survive. Therefore, we must be sincere, active, professional, efficient, comprehensive and humanized service for our customers, in pursuit of the highest customer satisfaction.

Sincere ---- Wholeheartedly for customer service.
Initiative ---- Not only have to respond in a timely manner the user drop service requirements, and to constantly through the implementation of the entire service plan, system to solve the possible problems for the user.
Professional ---- Strictly abide by the commitment of the service contract, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the service project and the scope, standards and procedures to provide services for the user.
Efficient ---- Services must be practical and effective, and more than a resounding slogan. The effectiveness of the air force service based on a high consciousness of service and the staff related to the personal interests of system guarantee.
Comprehensive ---- Hangli service involved is not a point but a face, cover the technical service and application service, and the dimensions of the derived.
Humanized ---- To avoid face blunt way of service, let the customer feel "such as the spring breeze", is the goal of the air force.